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On August 11, 2017, when researching the story about Margaret Pine, I went to the the Archives and Manuscript Division of the NYPL, to review the papers of Wynant Van Zandt Jr. Within the Van Zandt’s collection, I found an interesting document; a description of a ship. I have no use for this item, but I thought the specific details of the ship would be of use to historians of the subject.

Ship of-the-Line Pennsylvania
Her Dimensions
Her extreme length is                      222 feet
       ditto, space desk                     219 ditto
      Upper gun deck                       217 ditto
      Extreme breadth                     58 one inch
 — Her burthen                        2982 tons
She could carry upwards of 30,000 lbs of flour enough to feed 15000 persons for one year
She could convey 2000 men to any port
She will carry 140 guns (32 pounders)
She will send out at a full broadside 1. ton of Bullets.
Draft of water               28 feet
one of her Anchors weighs 11,669 pounds
The heaviest anchor in the British Navy Weights 10,000 lbs.
Water tanks in number 150 will hold from 1 to 200 gal’s of water each
Her Main Mast is 132 feet high and add top Mast, 70 feet, top gallant mast, 40 feet etc. Makes the total height 278 feet
Her Main yard is 110 feet in length the other yards in proportions of Course
The Main top sail contains 1531 yds of canvass and the number of yards of canvass for one suit of sails is 18,341—Tremendous
While the bags, hammocks, boat sails, awnings etc. take 14,624 yards more.
This noble ship has been on the Stock since 1823. She was launched on the first Tuesday preceding the 15th of July 1837.